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FantasticAs I pulled to the traffic light, I noticed her standing there. She
was tall and slim. She had incredible legs, and the cutest butt I'd
ever seen. I guess I must have been daydreaming and staring at her,
because she finally looked at me, feeling my gaze.
The light was still red, the cool spring air blew through the open
windows of my car. The stereo was a little loud and thumped out some
Stone Temple Pilots. I guess I was daydreaming and didn't realize I
was staring. There was something intriguing about her look, and I was
In less than an instant, she was at the window of my car. I was sort
of taken off guard by her rapid advance, but I wasn't frightened. She
leaned in the driver's side window and asked if I could point her
toward the Veronica Hotel.
"I'm not from around here and I've kind of lost myself." she offered
"Um, sure. It's about two blocks over that..."
"I really hate to be so intrusive, but could you give me vintage young lolita portal
a quick lift?
I know it's nearby. I went out for a walk and got turned around a bit.
I'm a little scared and unfamiliar with this town. It would be a big
help and I would owe you big time."
"I don't know." I tried to say. lolita and preteen pics "I really...oh, what the heck. Sure.
It's not that far and you don't look like an axe murderer or anything.
Hop in."
"Thank you. This is a huge help. Not to many nice guys left."
Yeah, I thought to myself. In ten minutes there will probably be one
less nice guy in the world. She probably IS an axe lil lolitas girl pussy
murderer. I'm
probably being set up and one day parents will use me as an example of
what happens to idiots who give strangers a ride.
She walked toward the front of the car to get to the passenger side.
The inside of the car was dark and I took advantage of it. I allowed
my eyes to roam every inch of her shapely legs and curvy figure. She
had on a short, tight little black miniskirt that hugged her hips and
thighs. Her sheer hose and black patent leather pumps were perfect and
so sexy. The pumps made her calves so dreamy looking. Her pink short
sleeved sweater was the luckiest piece of fabric in the world. She had
beautiful short blonde hair which showed off her neck. MMMmmm...wonder
what it'd be like to kiss that neck?
HEY!! Straighten up. It's thoughts like this that gave guys a bad
name. I reached over and opened the passenger door and took one last
peek as the legs dropped into my passenger seat. "Whew." I thought...
"Be a gentleman."
"Thanks again," she said as the breeze caught her perfume and brought
it sweetly to my nose. I got a shiver on my spine as I put the car in
drive and headed up 3rd Street.
"Are you in town on business?" I asked politely.
"Sort of. I'm actually looking for someone who lives in lolitas in bathing suits this town. So
I got a hotel room until I could finish up."
"Oh. So you're either a spy, or an FBI agent." I teased.
She giggled sweetly and gave me a heart-stopping "quit it" look.
"Your hotel is just up the block. Do you want to be let out at the
plaza, or one of the guest entrances?"
"Umm, pull into the garage. It's easiest."
"Whatever you say, Miss Daisy." I faked a Morgan Freeman accent. Why
couldn't I just drive and stop trying to be such a goofy idiot? I
wondered to myself. I pulled into the garage and she pointed to the
"Just follow the signs to the 5th floor entrance. I feel so stupid...
getting lost walking from a hotel."
"No big deal." I reassured her. This town is laid out kinda funny. top 100 cp lolita It
could happen to anyone. I've done it before and I live near here."
"Pull right over there." I pulled the car into a spot marked "5th floor
guests only." I placed it in park to allow her to get out. She turned
to me and took a quick sigh.
"Well. preteen lolita pussy com
That's better. I thought for a while I'd wander the streets
all night. I was kind of scared."
"Lucky you...I guess the cavalry arrived just in time."
"Your are so kind. Gosh I'm lucky. Would you do me one more favor?"
I've never been one to turn down an offer of a drink, and certainly had
never had a prettier barmaid offer me one!!
"I really can't. I must get home. I'll...be missed." Well that shot
it!! In 3 words I had spilled my horrible secret. I had someone
waiting at home for me. She'd surely leave now. That's ok. I AM
MARRIED. I AM MARRIED. I AM MARRIED. I kept trying to convince myself
that this was a good thing.
"That's ok. Come in anyway. How long does it take to down a quick
beer or a glass of white zin?"
"I don't know......See. I don't even know your name!!"
"Your right. I haven't introduced myself, have I? And guess what else.
I may have locked my keys in the hotel room too. Now, you tell me,
what will happen to me if I walk to my door, I have no key, and I'm
still out in the cold? Your effort to get me here is wasted. Explain
that to your wife when my picture's in the paper tomorrow. What would
that breakfast chat sound like? 'Gee honey, look at this picture of this woman in the paper.
You know, she flagged me down for pre teen nasty lolitas help last night. She
begged for a ride, I picked her up, and left her in the hotel
garage, locked out of her room. Gee, now it seems she's
dead. What a horrible world. Guess there was nothing I
could do...like make sure she at least got in her room ok.'"Come on. I just want to give you a quick drink. I'm not an 'axe
I laughed. She had me. If she didn't have her keys and something
happened to her, I'm the prime suspect. Her prints are all over my
"OK. OK. Uncle. I'll walk you up. Geesh, you're a tough one!!"
"That I am. Don't mess with me!! I know some karate. I take classes
to stay in shape. Always a losing battle." She was so sweet. A
knockout like this that was worried about a losing battle to keep HER
figure? RIGHT!!
I opened the door and we started for her door. Her room was at the
other end of the hall and I walked her there. At the door, she pulled
out her key, smiled devilishly and said, "I knew I had it all along.
But I really wanted to get you a drink. It's the least I can do.
You've gone out of your way."
She opened her door and walked in, holding it open behind her. Come on
in...you're letting all the air out and the bugs in. I eased in the
door and stayed right inside the foyer. She disappeared into the
kitchenette and yelled, "Light or regular?"
"Um, I really don't need one. I'd better go."
She poked her head around the corner and said, "Light or regular?"
"Light. Wow. There's no beating you, is there?"
"Actually, no. There isn't." She shot a devilish smile my way and
handed me my beer. Her hand gently trickled across mine as I took it.
"Thanks. This is a nice hotel. What do you do?"
"I'm in the make up business." Bethanne responded. "That's kind of why
I'm in town. I'm am trying out some new stuff and need to find someone
who can help me test it."
"Well, I'm sure as 'persuasive' as you've been tonight, you shouldn't
have a problem with that." My eyes strayed down the hall to the bedroom
of the hotel suite. draped over the chair, I could see lacy lingerie
and thigh highs. On the floor was another pair of high heels. I
imagined her in those and nothing else. "Uh, good beer. Thanks a
lot." I ripped myself back to reality. "Look, Bethanne, I'd better be
going. I gotta get up..."
"No you don't." she interrupted.
"Yeah, I do. I have to..."
"No. You're not leaving."
"Ahh, yeah, I am." I may have blanched a little as I grew a little
uncomfortable with her control of me.
"OK. Yeah, I guess you can. I mean you can TRY to leave."
I looked at her and said something, but I can't recall what. I just
remember the sudden tunneling of my vision. She seemed to be the only
thing in the room and she was so HOT looking. I tried to break the
spell and turn to the door, but I was frozen.
"You won't be leaving. Your beer is drugged, the door is locked, and
if you try to leave, I'll kick your ass."
WHOAH, NELLIE. I thought. lolita bald pussy peeing What's the deal here.
I was weak and my body was not responding to my brain's plea to run and
get out. She grabbed my arms and gripped them tightly. She was
incredibly strong and I was powerless to fight her. She pulled me down
the hall to the bathroom where she forced all of my clothes off me in
an almost effortless fashion. Then she forced me into a bath tub
filled with hot, foamy water. As I settled into it, my skin began to
tingle and burn a little. She placed a powerful hand over my chest and
held me there. This chick was strong. She suddenly pushed my head
under the water and I came up sputtering. Water ran down my face, the
droplets growing cooler as time passed.
I laid in the water for a long time. I think I spent most of the time
staring at her. I was in shock. My head raced for a way out or an
answer to this problem, but none came. lil lolitas girl pussy I was totally confused.
She turned the tap on and warm water began to fill the tub. At the
same time, she pulled the drain plug. As the foamy water drained away,
warm water flowed in to fill its place. Soon, the water was clear and
free of whatever was in it. I strained my neck to look down and
suddenly convulsed with surprise and fear.
There was No hair on me. My legs and chest and arms and arm pits were
smooth. The last of my hairs slipped down the drain.
"Don't you mean, WHAT THE HELL DID I DO FOR YOU?" she smiled. "You
don't know the half of it. Look."
She held a mirror for me to look at. I was hairless. Completely.
Even my head and eyebrows. I began to cry.
She pulled me from the tub like a rag doll and nearly carried me to her
bedroom. She flopped me on the bed lolitas in bathing suits and looked hungrily at me. All of
me was there for her to see.
"Please don't hurt me." I whimpered.
"Oh, sweetheart, you aren't in jeopardy...you are in heaven."
She pulled a pair of tiny little silk and lace panties up my legs and
over my manliness. They were a very light pink with white lace and
felt like a feather around my sensitive areas. As I lay there,
helpless, Bethanne squeezed a tube of something out onto my chest. It
was cold, and felt kind of rubbery. Then she trickled it over my
scalp. It stayed on me for a moment as she waited, and then she
pressed two forms onto my chest. I looked down to see that she had
just done and there, glued to me were two beautiful, supple and
delicious looking breasts jutting from my chest. Then she firmly
pressed a wiglike thing onto my skull. She waited a second and then
grabbed each of my breasts, pulling on them until I winced in pain.
"There. That should hold." I knew better. Judging by the amount of
force she just exerted, they felt like they'd never come off. She
lifted me up and slipped a sexy and gossamer bra that matched the
panties around my chest. As I sat up, the weight of my new chest
pulled at the skin of my back in a new, and somehow exciting way. I
couldn't believe I was finding any of this enjoyable, but it felt like
I now had a full, curvy chest. How many times had I said, "Be careful
what you wish for. You just might get it?"
"Will I be able to take them off?" I tried to make my voice sound calm.
"Probably not. I knew someone who got them off once, but the scarring
was horrible. That adhesive actually activates a protein in your flesh
which bonds and commingles with the young girl nude loli forms. They won't go anywhere."
My stomach pitched and rolled. I was a little queazy. How would I
ever explain this at work?
She then got on her knees and carefully pulled an absolutely outrageous
pair of stocking up my legs. I noticed that they stopped at my thighs.
She gingerly placed young black girls lolitas
a garter around my waist and snapped the sexy
legwear to my new garter.
It was then that I realized I top 100 cp lolita
was getting a little aroused. I had been
looking down across a set of gorgeous breasts, smooth tummy, tiny
panties, garters and thigh highs that disappeared down a trim and
smooth set of legs. I was looking at my dream girl, only her legs were
Bethanne pulled me to my feet and I noticed that the lingerie I had
seen draped over her chair was gone. I was startled to realize that I
was now wearing it!!
From behind, Bethanne pulled my arms over my head and dropped a very
short and rather tight minidress down my body. It was red with tiny
white flowers all over it. The way it hugged my curves was nearly
driving me insane.
Bethanne pushed me back into the bed and, working like a professional
artist, brushed one thing and then another on my cheeks, eyes, nose,
lips, and neck. Working her way behind me, she gently brushed out my
long thick brown hair. Each stroke of the brush pulled on my scalp and
would actually move the skin on my neck and head. The hair felt
permanent also.
"And the hair? I asked.
"Well, the hair is a little different. It's the same stuff, but the
reaction is different. As your hair grows through the pores in the
hair cap, the proteins cause the cap and "wig" to break down and fall
out like regular hair. There really is no way to tell when it's done.
But generally it's over in eight months."
"Eight months? I need it to be over in eight minutes!!"
"Sorry. sweetheart. It won't be over in eight minutes."
She continued brushing out my hair. Across the room, in the mirror, I
saw the sexy Bethanne brushing the hair of a darling young woman whose
thigh highs and garters peeked from beneath her short, tight red dress.
The girl was me. I looked in the mirror at my new reflection, almost
quizzically. I looked so feminine. My hair was long and beautiful.
My body was smooth and soft looking. I had absolutely perfect breasts
and killer legs. I was encased in beautiful, naughty lingerie and the
kind of dress that I eyeballed at bars when I was checking out girls.
I wanted me!!
Bethanne finished primping me and pulled me, gently, to my feet.
Something touched my toes and I looked down. It was the other pair of
pumps I had seen earlier. I didn't even have to be told. I stepped
into them, my decision.
"You are gorgeous." Bethanne whispered huskily in my ear.
"Thank you," I breathed. My own voice frightened me. It was thin, and
gentle. It was like a cool spring breeze. It was a woman's voice. I
couldn't understand what was happening to me.
A knock came at the door and Bethanne headed down the hall to get it.
I heard voices, but didn't listen. I was turning in front of the full
length mirror, enthralled at what I saw. I was such a pretty lady. I
was enjoying this feeling. I wasn't even worrying what my wife might
think. She would have to get used to being married to a girl. I could
be a lesbian if she could.
I turned to the door. Bethanne stood there with a man.
"Alissa, this is David."
"Hi, David." Hey, wait. She called me Alissa. And I answered to it!!
And my hand was outstretched to David, but it was at a wierd angle,
kind of sideways and demure. David took it in his and pulled it to
"Bethanne said I'd find you attractive. She never disappoints."
David pulled me to him, encircling me with his strong arms. His arms
felt so warm and so right. He pushed my back, forcing my chest into
his. I looked over his shoulder at Bethanne, who smiled that same
devilish smile at me. David guided my head closer to his and I brushed
my lips against his. He breathed out and I opened my mouth, just
slightly. My tongue slipped out and moistened his lips. He squeezed
tighter and Bethanne shifted, looking longingly at me. She walked up
beside me and gently kissed my ear. The shivers were incredible. Her
tongue darted to my earlobe and traced circles on it. Her hand found
my spine and gently trailed up and down it. Betheanne's advances
caused me to open my lips further, allowing David inside. I kissed him
hungrily, but it wasn't enough. Two hours ago, I'm a guy driving home,
now I'm a woman wanting this man so badly.
Bethanne led us to the soft bed where David lowered me to the sheets.
My thighs parted and one of my silky knees bent to the ceiling. I was
acting just like the girl I always wished I'd have. Bethanne scholgirls sex child lolitas
beside me on the bed, kissing and tracing my face with her lips as
David explored me. My hands began to raom also. Finding David's
chest, then his backside. My other hand reached for Bethanne. I
wanted her, too. I stroked and rubbed her shoulders and neck, slipping
my hand down her spine. Her silky underthings drove me insane.
As I slid my hand to her chest, David found my prize. I gasped,
speeding my hand down Bethanne's tummy. He took me and kissed me
lightly at first, then hungrily. My hand reached to Bethanne's
panties, her smooth tummy was so inviting.
In a moment, I realized what was going on. Bethanne and I were a lot
ALIKE. She too, gasped as I reached sexy little lolita preteens for her gift in her silky panties.
I realized then, I would soon get used to being her woman, and having
her as my woman and my young girl nude loli man.
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